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I’m Valerie.   Wife, Mom of two boys, family cook (not chef) and Breast Cancer Survivor.  Welcome to my website, where we cook, plan meals, and shop for great deals on fashion and family travel. Meal Planning is the key to having an efficient, kitchen with lots of healthy meals and very little waste. 

Happy Cooking!

Happy Cooking!

I’m a former Anchor and Consumer Reporter for a TV station in Atlanta, Georgia, where I spent years curating the best ways to save money.  I was forced to resign in April 2017, so this website is now my full time job!  I develop favorite family recipes and share them with you. I’m also developing a meal planning guide which you can subscribe to for FREE! I also share deals I find on designer clothing, accessories, family fun  and vacations. I love to travel, don’t you?  

This Website Uses Affiliate Links 

I provide a free service to you with the help of Affiliate Links.  I partner with Amazon, several travel companies, Nordstrom and ShopStyle  along with other companies I love and believe in.  When you shop using my affiliate links, it costs you nothing and usually saves you a lot!  In return, I get a small commission, so please do your Amazon shopping by clicking the Shop Tab on my home page.  When I find a great deal I but don’t have time to write it here I post it on Twitter and Facebook so please follow me on both, along with Pinterest and Instagram. 

Meal Planning Made Easy!

I can help you get through that daily dinner dilemma with a few simple tips and strategies like meal planning, easy recipes and make-ahead meals.

My recipes are mostly healthy, seasonal and easy to make family meals.   There are also some splurges, because who doesn’t like to splurge with a splash of heavy cream or some melted cheese from time to time?   This meal planning website also features lots of slow cooker and Crock-Pot meals, and some vegetable dishes that kids will actually eat. (Okay, at least my kids!)

Meal Planning for Busy Families Valerie Hoff

Chicken Wrangling

Meal Planning for Busy Families Valerie Hoff

ValerieHoff.com is also your Go-to site for Saving Money!

Many of you may remember my Money Saving Segment on WXIA-TV in Atlanta that ran from 2008 to 2014.  You can can now find plenty of Ways to Save on this website, and there are plenty more on the way!

I share all the deals I find, including lots of travel advice.  Our family absolutely loves to travel and we finance many of our trips with credit card rewards points. We have been to Aruba, The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Belize and Russia as well as many U.S. Destinations.

I consider myself an expert on Hilton Head, SC since I’ve been there hundreds of times and is my home away from home. You can read some of my tips here.  My husband Derrick and our boys, Nicholas and Jhenya love to ski so they usually squeeze in a ski trip every winter in Colorado.

Personal Stories on ValerieHoff.com

There are also articles about my battle with breast cancer, our Russian adoption story and various other slices of life.  Some I’ll tell you about the day my career went down in flames. At least my first career. This website is my second career though it won’t be paying the bills any time soon.  It does contain cool ads courtesy of  Gourmet Ads, 

It has been powered by Hostgator for five years without a single glitch.   Click here for a discount if you’re looking for a web hosting company. 

A lot of my time is spent on the baseball fields in spring and fall and the basketball courts in the winter. To make dinner time fast and easy, I typically cook a few meals on Sunday, and always have cooked pasta and rice in the fridge to reheat on busy weeknights.

I also LOVE reader comments, so please leave one if you check out one of my recipes! And thanks for stopping by! 

Meal Planning for Busy Families Valerie Hoff