Amazon Prime Day Top Ten Beauty Deals

Well, I’m just about Primed Out at this point but I had to check out the beauty deals once I finished shopping for Kitchen Must-Haves.  I’m not a big fan of No Name makeup brush sets or eye shadow palettes but I managed to wade through all that stuff to find some pretty amazing deals on tried-and-true products that WORK!   Here are my Amazon Prime Day Top Ten Beauty Deals!

1– The Clarisonic Mia 1:

If  you don’t have a Clarisonic, this is a great time to buy one.  I’ve had mine for about 7 years and I use it every morning.  (I also haven’t felt the need to replace the brush as often as recommended, they last for at least a year) The Mia2 and a few other higher priced Clarisonics are also good deals today but I can’t justify paying more than $84 on a skin care appliance unless it truly works miracles.  There are also several Clarisonic Copycats on Amazon today but I have no idea how well they perform. Click hear to shop. 

 2- FHI Heat Stylus Thermal Styling Brush

This is a great smoother/straightener if you’re fighting frizz and have somewhat curly hair.  I’ve always had good luck with other FHI products when I’m motivated enough to do more than just throw my hair in a pony tail, which isn’t very often these days!  The ad says it’s priced at $99.99 PLUS 30 percent off at checkout (which could change at any time.) That makes it an excellent deal! Click here to shop for this and other hair products. 

3- Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

I’m in love with this blow dryer for three reasons:  It weighs less than a pound, it features 2000 Watts, it has an Ion generator. Ions make your hair shinier!  I also love the price, which will only last a few more hours!  It was the lowest I could find across the internet at $46.95 while supplies last.  Click here to shop.  This just sold out on Amazon but is available on Ebay here and Walmart here. I guess everybody else liked it too!


 4 – Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips

These are the Professional Effects version and include  20 Treatments  and two bonus one hour effect treatments.  So even though they’re on sale on Ebay too, this looks like the better deal.  Click here to shop. 



 5-  La Roche-Posay Concealer Pen 

Even Moms who don’t wear makeup need a good concealer, and this one is awesome. It’s under $20 for a limited time with 30 percent off at checkout.  Still kind of pricey but I make up for it with some of my other cheaper picks.  In my opinion, concealer is not the place to skimp! Click here to check it out. 

   6 – And speaking of my cheaper picks…Brows!

Elf Cosmetics is a super cheap line of makeup and tools. Some products are great, some are just cheap.  This brow kit does the job for $3 even when it’s not Prime Day.   I also carry a tiny elf eyeshadow palette in my purse and I like their lip gloss.  Most products are around $3.  Shop here.



 7 – Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum for Face 20% 

This is often the best selling beauty product on Amazon, and I’m anxious to try it!  It’s $19.95 for one ounce tonight, which is a steal compared to my current brand, Revision.  I love how the description tells front and center how much Vitamin C is in the product; so many other Vitamin C products don’t disclose and you really don’t get results with cheaper, less potent C Serums. Click here to shop.

 8 – Eve Hansen Vitamin C Serum

This one may be an even better deal on Vitamin C Serum at $11.99 but it’s a lightning deal and may may not be available by the time I get this post written. (I tweeted it too!)  Reviews say it tightens pore and removes sunspots. I’m trying both! Buy it here.



  9 – Unite Seven Seconds Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner will last for months and just might be the last  brand you ever try.  I always try to use up old hair products before starting a new one but I just can’t when I have Unite sitting around. I simply love it.  You can also find this conditioner in salons but it will cost your more! Shop here!


  10 – Creed Fragrance

This is technically not a Prime Day deal, but it is a great markdown while it lasts and it’s a lovely fragrance.  Creed Spring Flower is very light and fresh so it’s really nice for hot summer days.  If it sells out on Amazon you can also find it at Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus, and every once in a while on Rue La La, one of my other favorite bargain sites. Click here to shop for fragrances.