Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is June 18th!   I still remember the year I bought my Dad Silly Putty for Father’s Day, back in the 1970’s.  Of course it was really me who wanted that Silly Putty!  This year I’ve found some new really cool Father’s Day Gift  ideas, and I’m still looking for more!

Cool Father's Day Gift Ideas

My Dad in his Leisure suit in the mid 1970’s.

I recently joined Shop Style Collective, which aggregates fashion and other merchandise from nearly all my favorite stores (and plenty that I can’t afford!).  From Nordstrom to Target to Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s, Shop Style collective has cool merchandise from everywhere!

I’ve chose an assortment of items that would make great Father’s Day gifts.   Scroll down to see the collection!

My husband would love the Koolatron Electric Cooler that you can plug into your car lighter!  All you have to do to shop is click on the item in the photos below!  That might alleviate the problem of leaky, melting ice.

There are some very pricey items on this list because they are things I know my husband would love, especially the sunglasses.  (One pair is on sale, at least!)

But there are also some GREAT deals, including the wine fridge, the Clinique Men’s Skin Care line, and the Rag and Bone Jeans.

Creed is expensive but it’s a large size and such a classic.  Plus, Nordstrom arguably has the most liberal return policy among all retailers, which is one of the many reasons I shop at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack so often.

Looking for more Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas?

Let me know what you are hoping to find for Dad for Father’s day and I’ll do my best to track it down at a bargain price!   But please don’t wait until the last minute! I’m gotten caught paying exorbitant prices for shipping when I tried to order items to be sent to my Dad in Ohio some years.  When I’m not cooking up new recipes in my kitchen these days, I’m either shopping or scouting out fun places to visit with the kids this summer. (At bargain prices, of course!)

You can also shop on my Amazon store, which has a selection of gourmet hot sauces, lots of every day kitchen items and some awesome cameras and photography equipment that make stellar Father’s day gifts. We use our Canon DSLR for a lot of my food photography, but my Amazon store also features accessories for your iPhone camera. And I’m happy to say one of my iPhone photos was recently featured in the prestigious food photography site, FoodGawker!

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Happy Shopping!

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