Father’s Day Gifts in Every Price Range

Are you stressing about what to get Dad for Father’s Day?  I’ve been perusing the internet for the latest and greatest in Father’s Day presents.  There are some really cool items out there for Dads this year! From the most coveted and pricey golf club on the internet to the simplest of dollar store type items, here are some Father’s Day gifts in every price range:

1-For the golfer Dad, I present to you the 2017 Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver.  

Isn’t it Beautiful???

My husband Derrick has a Big Bertha but it’s at least a dozen years old.

Technology has changed a lot and this driver is  much more forgiving than his existing club.  Click here for the current price.  

It also sends ball farther and faster than older clubs, though I can’t promise it will hit the ball any straighter!

2-  For the Gadget Dad, consider the Echo.


ZDNet rates this product a “Perfect 10.”  Echo will do more for you around the house than Alice did for the Brady Bunch kids!  It plays music, controls your lights, fans, switches, garage door, thermostat and will even read you the news, traffic and weather!

 ( I have a feeling Siri is pretty jealous right about now.)  

Echo is the must-have gadget for the Gadget Loving Dad and the Music Loving Dad!.



3-How about a Camera for Dad?


(So Derrick can take better pictures for my website!)

Amazon has an entire section of Digital SLR cameras priced under $500. Click here to look aound at some of them.  

We have used a Cannon DSLR for some of my favorite food photos.  We absolutely love ours!

 Father’s Day Gifts in Every Price Range:  Here are some lower priced gifts!

4-My kids both liked this!  Probably because it makes reference to punching someone in the face.  

Click here to buy it and see more.

This line of funny cups does include others that don’t refer to assault and battery.   I

f you have an  Amazon Prime membership there is free One Day or Two Day Shipping on this and several similar items.  You can click above for a free trial membership if you don’t already have Prime.


5-Is your Dad Nuts?  Here’s an inexpensive idea!

I’ve gotten my dad cashew nuts for more holidays than I can count. He loves them.  

If your Dad lives locally, or if you want to buy some nuts or a gift basket for your Dad or husband this Father’s Day, you’ll save a lot more money if you buy them in a store, such as Costco and hand deliver them.

 But I found the nuts to the left online for a good price.

6- I also got a Father’s Day idea while I was killing time with my son Nicholas before his baseball scrimmage recently.  We stopped in Dollar Tree and found lots of Dad’s favorite candy and gum.  You could actually put together a cute little gift basket for under $10.  And I sure hope you include Belly Flops from Dollar Tree!

Belly Flop

I loved these!  I don’t why Jelly Bellies are normally so expensive, but these were only a dollar at (duh) the Dollar Tree.

It’s the cheapest price ANYWHERE for Belly Flops, which are the irregular rejects from the  Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California. 

Dad might also like the cocktail flavored Jelly Bellies.  I saw some on sale recently at Marshall’s, near the checkout where they always tor try to entice you with impulse buys!

More Father’s Day Gifts in Every Price Range

7- My boys think we should get Derrick a new grill for Father’s Day, so in keeping with my Father’s Day Gifts at Every Price Range theme, here are two.  They range in price, but all are great bargains for the features they offer. 

Here’s the Charbroil Classic 6 Burner which is an AMAZING value for the money.   This baby is a sleek, outdoor-kitchen-looking free standing grill that I just love!  


 It may not arrive by Father’s Day because it’s really popular but this grill is worth the wait.

Don’t you think it looks like part of an outdoor kitchen? (Which we do not have.) Pretty and a performer!  And apparently you can drive it around the deck or patio since its on WHEELS!



8- Here’s one that’s a little less expensive   But it’s still a high end grill with a lot of great reviews at a great price! 
We use our grill year round and my husband is always on the hunt for the accessories that help him make the perfect rare, juicy, steak or burger.

If your husband or Dad already has a grill, I also love to buy all those tongs, grilling baskets, soaking chips and other grilling tools. 

Check out some of the newest technology in grilling gloves that makes old over mitts look soooo dated. 

9- Grilling Gloves for Dad!

 Here are some Hot Gloves for a Hot Dad. They’re VERY affordable!  

Or maybe your Dad would like a manly apron, or some grill cleaning accessories. Me,  I’m just loving these gloves!  

These  even come with a free gift!  Cute little silicone pot holders. 



10-  And one more affordable Father’s Day idea: My husband would just love this chair!  Notice that it’s oversized, comes with drink holders AND a cooler, and is a great price! 

We spend a lot of time at kids’ baseball games that have hard bleachers, so it’s always nice to have an alternative.  

This summer we’re also going to some of the outdoor movies that are shown all around Atlanta, and us older parents don’t want to sit on the ground on a blanket; that’s for the kids!

Did you know Town Brookhaven has free movies on most Thursdays?  We’re taking our boys and two of their friends to see  Back to the Future Thursday, June 15th.  It’s going to be a great time, and if you count it toward an early Father’s Day Present, it’s a Father’s Day Freebie!