Five Savory, Spicy Popcorn Recipes

My boys go back to school this month and I’m trying to get creative in the healthy snack department.  And by that, I also mean healthy snacks for ME!   I need something to crunch on while they’re at school and I’m gazing around the the kitchen wondering why there is a peanut butter jar with no lid sitting on the counter, stinky football equipment in the dining room, and overdue homework sitting on the kitchen table!  I make these savory spicy popcorn recipes while they’re at school and they are LUCKY if there is any left when they get home!

Savory Spicy Popcorn Recipes:  Try Guacamole Popcorn!

Guacamole Popcorn is a super easy, two ingredient, dressed-up popcorn recipe. Simply combine two tablespoons of canola or coconut oil with two tablespoons of store-bought Guacamole Herb and Spice Blend.  I used Litehouse brand.  Let the mixture sit for a few minutes since it contains freeze-dried onions, lemon and spices and you want them to come back to life!  Then, toss with three to four cups of freshly popped popcorn and a little bit of salt.   Then, kick back and enjoy your Guacamole Popcorn!    (And maybe save some for the kids for an after school snack.)

Savory Spicy Popcorn Recipes:  Spicy Ginger Popcorn 

This is my new favorite!  I LOVE fresh ginger and use a lot of it in my Nam Sod recipe, which is a delicious Thai Spicy Pork Salad. The problem with fresh ginger, however, is it doesn’t store well.  I’ve had mixed results with freezing ginger and it doesn’t seem to last more than two weeks in the fridge before getting kid of limp and pulpy.  Well, I recently discovered Gourmet Garden lightly dried ginger, which is about a 1000% percent improvement on that powdered ginger you find on the spice aisle.  It’s so yummy I eat pinches of it right out of the container, and you can store it in the fridge for about a month! Here’s how I make Spicy Ginger Popcorn:  Combine one tablespoon canola or coconut oil with two tablespoons Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried Ginger.  Toss it into three to four cups of freshly popped popcorn.  Eat and enjoy!  Both the Ginger Popcorn and the Guacamole Popcorn work well with the lower calorie types of microwave popcorn such as SkinnyPop.   

You could also use the type of popcorn you make on the stove, or pre-made bagged popcorn.


Savory Spicy Popcorn Recipes:  Jalapeno Popcorn

This next one is my 11 year old son’s favorites.   Pickled jalapenos come in a can or jar and are really not very spicy compared to fresh jalapenos.  I simply drain about three or four tablespoons of sliced pickled jalapenos, then sprinkle them over a bowl of popcorn. It might sound crazy, but the combination of crunchy popcorn and vinegary jalapenos is strangely addictive.  The good thing about this popcorn recipe is it really doesn’t need any butter or oil, so it’s guilt-free goodness! 

Savory Spicy Popcorn Recipes:  Wasabi Pea Popcorn

This is another spicy popcorn my youngest boy loves!  We both LOVE Wasabi Peas, so why not combine them with popcorn?  I pulverize about a cup of Wasabi Peas in the food processor, but you could also just put them in a bag and crush them with a rolling pin or a mallet.  Then, I take about four cups of warm popcorn and spray it with buttery spray, such as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray and toss in the crushed peas.  You could also use melted real butter if you’d like.  The goal is to get the popcorn a little bit moist so the Wasabi Pea Mixture will stick.  

Savory Spicy Popcorn Recipes:  Cherry Pecan Blue Cheese Popcorn

Want to add a little sweetness to your popcorn?  Try Cherry Pecan Blue Cheese Popcorn!  I take about four cups of popcorn, then add about a cup of dried cherries or cranberries, 1/2 cup of pecans (preferably from Georgia!!) and to be a bit decadent, I sprinkle some crumbled blue cheese on top.  Heavenly!  

How do you dress up your popcorn?