Hot Deals for the Kitchen on Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon  Prime day is going strong and it’s pretty much trending across all social medial!  I’ve been tweeting deals since last night and getting a little bit of shopping done in between, keeping my eye out for the must-have items my boys will need for back to school.

Now that I’ve scored a laptop for under $200 and some super highly rated noise cancelling headphones for the kids, it’s time to shop for me!  I’ve searching for Hot Deals for the Kitchen on Amazon Prime Day and found there are some bargains, but also some deals that I plan to wait on until later this year. 

Click here to shop the Amazon Prime Day Deals for the Kitchen.

First, let me just say something you might find controversial. I don’t like the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is a hybrid-type pressure cooker that’s been all the rage since last Christmas.  I ordered one, wasn’t very impressed, and promptly returned mine. But everyone else seems to love it, so I’m happy to report they are on sale today!

What I didn’t like about the Instant Pot was it has different cooking times than a standard pressure cooker, so making the simplest pot roast or pork chops involved more math than I’m willing to do to get dinner on the table!

The Instant Pot is however, a good deal today if you’re into that kind of thing. Click here to score one for under $100.

More Hot Deals for the Kitchen on Amazon Prime Day!

I do love this deal on a nice, big Crock-Pot!  

This is one of the lowest prices of year at 47 percent off regular retail.  If you read through my recipes, you’ll know I’m a big slow cooker fan and already own four of them.  I may get this as a gift for someone since it’s such a low price!  Click here to see this six quart, programmable Crock Pot for $31.99

There are also some good cookware deals.

I love just about anything made by Cuisinart, and this 17 piece cookware set is half off plus an additional 20 percent at checkout, which looks like the lowest price of the year.  Click here to see it. 

But that is a LOT of nonstick cookware!  If you just need a few pieces check out the smaller set from Cook’s Standard.

I’m not that much into kitchen gadgets because I don’t like the clutter but this Spiral Slicer is worth owning. It turns zucchini, cucumbers, beets and other vegetables into ribbons of veggie pasta.  I like to mix my “zoodles” or other spiralized vegetables in with angel hair past to lighten up the carbs a bit and add in some nutrition.  

Click here and her for two of my Spiral Slicer recipes for Zucchini Puttanesca and Zucchini Lasagna. 

 A few of the Amazon Prime Day top sellers are already on wait lists or sold out.  Some items in the Lodge Cookware collection are still available at great prices, and if they sell out, don’t worry because Walmart carries them too!

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