Nam Sod – Thai Pork Salad made with Ground Pork

Every time our family eats in a Thai restaurant, I order Nam Sod.  And I usually don’t want to share it.   Nam Sod is a Thai Pork Salad that’s truly addictive!   Spicy, crunchy, cool and hot,  you get a bit of everything in this unique symphony of flavors.  It’s one of the easiest Thai recipes I’ve made!

Nam Sod - Thai Pork Salad

Eating out can be pricey and time consuming though, so I set out to try to duplicate Nam Sod at home.  It took many tries, but I’m pretty happy with the result!

It was just a matter of getting right combination of some basic spices, ginger, lime juice and hot peppers. (Which you can leave out of your Nam Sod if you’d like!) 

Surprisingly, my favorite Thai Cookbook didn’t include a recipe for Nam Sod.  I’ts a such a popular Thai Recipe I thought it would be included for sure!

I found a few online and ended up adapting one from Thai Kitchen, which offers a very basic make at home Nam Sod recipe.

My recipe  adds a lot more bold flavors to the Thai Pork Salad  and is served with both cabbage and lettuce leaves, which is how I’ve always seen it served in restaurants.

I’m also really generous with the ginger and lime juice.  Those two ingredients are what make this Nam Sod taste authentic!

Be careful handling hot peppers!  Some people actually use gloves to chop jalapenos or Serrano peppers.  I don’t but I SCRUB my hands afterwards.  

When you make the Ginger Lime dressing, I suggest adding the ginger and spices a bit at a time, then taste it and decide if you’d like to add more.

How to Serve Nam Sod – Thai Pork Salad 

This Thai Pork Salad can  be served warm, cold or at room temperature. It’s also great the second day as leftovers because the ground pork has an extra day to soak up the delicious juices!

Nam Sod - Thai Pork Salad Recipe

I used a Serrano pepper sliced very thinly in this recipe and removed some, but not all of the seeds to reduce the heat.  You could also do the same thing with a jalapeno or a Thai Chili pepper but be CAREFUL with Thai Chilis, they are HOT!. 

You can even make this Nam Sod Recipe in One skillet!

Nam Sod - Thai Pork Salad Recipe

I made the entire Nam Sod Thai Pork Salad in one skillet!

Please use a really good quality cast iron skillet!  It definitely helps with even cooking and ensures none of your ingredients end up overcooked or undercooked.  Amazon has lots of deals on them.

 I think one of the keys to making this recipe taste like authentic Nam Sod cooking is to make sure the red onion is sliced VERY thinly and the carrots are in tiny matchstick slices.  That way, you get a little bit of each ingredient in each bit without being overpowered by a big chunk of pungent red onion. 

Nam Sod - Thai Pork Salad

Slice Onion Thinly!

Nam Sod - Thai Pork Salad

Nam Sod – Thai Pork Salad

Nam Sod- Thai Pork Salad  is one of the easiest Thai Food recipes out there!

I used my mandolin to slice the carrots but it you don’t have one  you can  easily get by with your handy dandy vegetable peeler.   

Off to Thailand we go!  How did you like your Nam Sod?   Did you make your Spicy Pork Salad hotter or milder than I did?

Love to hear your comments and questions