Sneak Peak at Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day is Tuesday, July 11th but the deals are already starting now! Just what is Prime Day? It’s a yearly event with exclusive discounts just for Amazon Prime customers.  But, the deals are already starting, mostly with grocery and pantry items today! Here is a sneak peak at some of the Amazon Prime Day Deals we expect to see.  

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, you may be one of the few holdouts!  I just saw a report yesterday on CNBC that said households with Prime membership have DOUBLED in the past two years! 85 million households now pay that $99 a year fee to have items delivered to their home with free two day shipping, or in many cases, FREE same day shipping.  If you want to try out Prime for Free for 30 days just click here and you’ll be all set for Prime Day on Tuesday. 

Last year’s Prime Day was the biggest day EVER for Amazon, with an increase in sales of 60 percent.   Members bought more than 90,000 televisions on Amazon, more than a million pairs of shoes, and more than two million toys! 

 This year, like last, many of the Amazon Prime Day Deals will be  for Amazon branded products like Kindle subscriptions, and Echo related products.  There will also be voice enabled deals for Echo owners. 


Amazon Prime Day Deals Have Already Started

Today, I’m seeing a lot of grocery and Prime Pantry deals.  It looks like Amazon wants us to get into the grocery delivery habit!  I actually started Amazon Prime Grocery deliveries years ago.  I compare prices to the grocery stores and whatever is cheaper on Amazon gets delivered right to my door!

I especially love Prime for bulky items like paper towels, toilet tissue and pet foods. 

Today I found a 40 pound bag of Pedigree Dog food for $24.39, and it goes down to $20.73 if you use the Subscribe and Save feature, which you can always cancel at any time.

That is FAR less than anywhere else, even if you drive to the store, wrestle that 40 pound bag of dog food into your car, then haul it back into your house!

Other great grocery deals today include the Wickedly Prime Seaweed Snacks my kids love, and Charmin Ultra Soft toilet tissue, again a better deal if you opt for the Subscribe and Save discount. 

Still more great deals include magazine subscriptions starting at 99 cents!  I bought BonAppetit for $4.00. Click here for the full list!

There is also an awesome Kindle Subscription deal: Prime Members get 25% off a 6-month Kindle Unlimited membership, 33% off a 12-month Kindle Unlimited membership, or 40% off a 24-month Kindle Unlimited membership. Click here to get the Kindle Deal. 

Many of the Amazon Prime Day Deals will go live on Sunday and Monday, though the bulk of them will be Tuesday. I’ll keep you posted on my favorite deals, and if you leave me a comment telling me what you’ll be shopping for I will try to find you a bargain!

Check back for three ways to make sure you’re getting the lowest possible price on Amazon Prime Day Deals!

Valerie Hoff